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What's the best way to approach an AdWords campaign?



Don't overcomplicate it.

Describe the people you want, the actions you want them to take, the nature of your business, your position in the market and most importantly, your pain.


Do you want to:

  • Increase sales / leads / downloads / phone calls / views of your recipes or other?

  • Raise awareness of a brand, issue, cause, physical store or event?

  • Influence offline activity?

  • Increase conversions for the same cost or maintain conversions for a reduced cost?



We will build a campaign using a combination of search, display and video.

Where appropriate, we will recommend or help with SEO, Local search, Mobile Search, copywriting, content development and social media.

We will ensure that you have a robust analytics platform that can accurately measure all of your marketing activity.



Ready, Fire, Aim

We expect to improve results each and every month (well, obviously taking seasonality into account - we are unlikely to increase sales of Christmas decorations in January, when compared to December).


Reporting and Insight

Not to be confused, if you want mere numbers and charts, we will oblige with simple, timely reporting.

More time consuming, is the interpretation of the data into actionable insight.

This generally involves another cup or coffee.


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